Building Envelope Solutions

We help you develop a suitable metallic coat for you building. Our hard-working and competent team of specialist will aid you in every step of the project. We help customers and architects already in the design phase in choosing materials and finding best possible options. With decades of experience in our field, we can help choose you the most cost-effective products and systems. Upon request, we produce life-sized mock-ups and install them whether on site or at our factory. Finally, we organize the installation of the products to ensure correct assembly of the materials.

Our product portfolio is not restricted to standard products and our goals is to offer tailor-made solutions rahter than “one-size-fits-all” products. The client’s wishes are our priority. Contemporary architecture sets very high requirements for construction materials, this is particularly true for the building envelope, being the first aspect of the building noticed. In co-operation, we will work out innovative solutions to bestow your building a unique look and leave passersby impressed. We are well equipped to undertake even the most demanding sheet metal exercises, providing more added value to the client. Our clients can be sure that they are left with products with the best price to quality ration.

Metal facades are coming more and more into demand, not only for the longevity, ease of maintenance, and attractiveness. Metal can be processed into a form, perforate with a pattern, as requested, handing the architect a great deal of freedom to express themselves. Similarly, the standing seam roofing solutions in our portfolio allow more design freedom that traditional standing seam solutions. Our metal facade and roofing products complement each other excellently and allow the creation of unique building envelope solutions.