K-100, K-150

PARMET® panel-type suspended ceiling K Profile is a type of suspended ceiling that has no joints and that is manufactured from aluminium sheet (0.5–0.6 mm) or sheet steel (0.5 mm). The types of panels are K, KN and KPR. Length of panels is 500–6,000 mm (can be longer when customised). Panels with or without perforation can be provided. There are extension pieces available for extending the panels.

Surface coating

Natural aluminium, polyester paint or high-gloss surface (chromium, golden, brass, etc.) is used.

Base construction

Bus bars of steel (0.6 mm) or aluminium (0.8 mm). Bus bars have a length of 3,000 mm (can be longer when customised). The bus bar is attached to the ceiling by using suspension straps. The height of suspension can be regulated by using suspension springs.

Additional profiles

Common (SL-1N) and double-edge strips (SL-2N) at the contact point of the ceiling and wall can be provided. Other strips and various special profiles are available upon request of the customer.


Panels attach to the bus bars without the help of fasteners. Installed ceiling can be easily opened from each point.


The panels are wrapped in cardboard boxes with a paper between each coat of paint.