The facade of a building is much more than just a shell for protecting it from wind, rain or cold. The facade is the face of a building, which helps to recognize, describe and remember it. The facade provides character and individuality to a building.

Metal is a material which helps to create facades with the most diverse colour shades, surface coatings, structures and forms. While metal facade may have a heavy ring to it, metal facades are actually light and aerial because they are made of sheet metal that turns stiff due its different shapes, measurements, base constructions and material thickness.

This all gives a great advantage to metals in comparison with other facade materials.

Most of our facade systems are ventilated facades.

A ventilated facade is a method of outer cladding construction in which a physical separation is created between the interior wall of the building and the outside facade cladding.

This construction method provides a number of thermal, acoustic, functional, and aesthetic advantages.

PARMET® has been a manufacturer of metal facades since 1994. Our product range includes panel facades, cassette facades, shingle facades and composite panel facades, as well as facade lamellaes. Furthermore, we are able to offer and process facade materials outside our primary product portfolio, such as high pressure laminate, fibre cement panels, etc.

As a competent partner, we provide special solutions for achieving modern and unique architectural results.